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What is Permanent Nail Polish?

What is Permanent Nail Polish?

Permanent nail polish application; It is an application highly preferred by women who have a busy work schedule, do not have time to apply nail polish and have a manicure, and generally prefer the same color nail polish.

Standard nail polishes retain their initial appearance for a certain period of time. However, they are damaged very quickly due to the tempo of home and work. Since the appearance of peeling nail polishes is not pleasant, we constantly have to wipe the nail polish and apply it again. This takes a considerable amount of time. Permanent nail polish; It is an application that maintains its permanence for a long time without any deformation on the nail.

With permanent nail polish application, nail polishes do not come off or deteriorate for a very long time. A neat, smooth, bright and well-groomed appearance is obtained. Covers nail imperfections. Since permanent nail polish does not prevent the passage of air and water to your nails, it does not damage your nails and does not turn yellow.

Permanent nail polish is produced from special materials that are not harmful to your nails and that you can use safely. With UV rays, the permanence of nail polishes is increased, thus prolonging the use of nail polishes. Special devices are used for permanent nail polish application. Thanks to these devices, the nail polish adheres to the nail and is then dried. Since permanent nail polish is made with special machines, it is not possible to do this at home. It would be best to make an appointment with a reliable beauty center.

How is Permanent Nail Polish Applied?

First, the nails are filed as desired. Then the nails are degreased and the nails are mattified. Base is applied to cover the imperfections on the nail. Then, the nail polish application process is started and the top coat is applied. For each coat, the nails are kept in UV light for 60 seconds. After the application is finished, you can use your hands easily. There will be no deterioration.

How Long Does Permanent Nail Polish Last?

Permanent nail polish; If the maintenance is done correctly, it will maintain its permanence for 1 month.

Is Permanent Nail Polish Harmful?

In permanent nail polish application, products that do not harm the nail are used. In addition, since the products used do not prevent the passage of air and water to your nails, they do not damage your nails and do not turn yellow. Permanent nail polish application is not harmful if it is applied by experts in a reliable beauty center.

Difference from Normal Nail Polish
While normal nail polish is applied in a very short time, permanent nail polish is applied in 15-20 minutes. The reason for this is that the nails are dried with UV light at every stage of the application.

The answer to questions such as how long it stays on the nail is; It can stay on your hands for approximately 15 days and on your feet for up to 1 month.

How Much Are Permanent Nail Polish Prices?
Permanent nail polish prices prices may differ in all countries of the world,

Which Colors and Patterns Should Be Preferred for Permanent Nail Polish?
There are many color and pattern options you can choose for permanent nail polish. Which color nail polish will be applied is decided according to your wishes. Today, the trend is patterned nail polishes, but they are preferred in various design nail polishes.

One of the more preferred permanent nail polish applications is “French” nail polish, as it can be used in harmony with almost any outfit.

What should be done to make it more durable?
In order for permanent nail polish to be durable, there are some important points that the application specialist should pay attention to. An application made with care can show durability for a very long time.

The points that the person applying nail polish should also pay attention to;

When hands stay in hot water for a long time, there may be a possibility of deterioration of the nail polish. Some women like to play with their nails, they try to remove the nail polish. These should be avoided.

Getting air from a tiny place is enough for the entire nail polish to deteriorate. Therefore, it should not play with nails.

Even if the nail grows, it should not be filed. A nail that has been filed will not have nail polish on it as it will take air from its tip. That’s why we need to be careful with our hands.

Is Permanent Nail Polish Any Damage To The Nail?
Nails may become airless if applications are made consecutively for long periods of time. We recommend that you leave your nail blank from time to time and rest it.

As with any type of nail polish, the nails may turn yellow if you use them for a long time. It prevents nails from breaking. However, we recommend that you do not make long applications one after the other.

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