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How is Permanent Nail Polish Made? Manicure Application Stages?

How is Permanent Nail Polish Made? Manicure Application Stages?
For questions such as how to apply permanent nail polish, you must first have some equipment and knowledge. If the necessary materials are available, you can apply it by looking at how to do it in the rest of our article.
1- Manicure is done
What you need to do before applying the nail polish (shellac) is to have a Manicure on your hands. Because it makes the process easier. At the same time, while applying, the nail polish should not come into contact with the meat.

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2- Nails are Cleaned
Before starting the process, your fingernails and toenails must be free of oil and moisture. A special solution is used for this. Otherwise, the nail polish will not hold. Then the bottom layer is applied to the nail. The hand is kept in UV light for about 10 seconds.

3- Applying the nail polish
Then nail polish is applied to the nails. For each applied coat, it is kept in UV light for 60 seconds. This is applied 2 or 3 times depending on the color option. In French application, the french tip must wait again. Different fancy nail polish models are made in our salon.

4- Polishing and Finishing
Finally, the top coat of varnish is applied and after 60 seconds of waiting in the device, the nails are wiped with the solution to be applied and the process is finished. These procedures are also applied to the feet.

After applying Shellac nail polish, you can act easily as if you had applied nail polish hours ago. There are no cases of deterioration or contamination.

Frequently Asked Questions
How to Remove Permanent Nail Polish?
Special solutions are applied for the removal process. The tape on which the solution is poured is wrapped around the nail and left on the finger for at least 10-15 minutes.

When it is then removed, the nail polish is almost completely removed and any remaining small particles can then be scraped off. We recommend that these procedures be carried out by professionals to prevent damage to your nails.

Can It Be Removed With Acetone?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove permanent nail polish with acetone. In order to prevent any damage to your nail, peeling should be done by keeping it in special solutions for 10 minutes.

How to Care for Nails Before Applying Permanent Nail Polish?
Cuticles should be removed by manicure with nails. Nail length and shape must be determined beforehand. Thus, the nails become ready for permanent nail polish.

The most important point after the manicure process is that there is no oil and moisture layer on the nail. A special solution prepared for this is applied on the nail and the permanent nail polish application process is started.

What Should Be Considered While Applying Nail Polish?
It is very important that the person performing the permanent nail polish (shellac) application is an expert and has received training on it. Because it is a detailed process and has a certain sequence. It is necessary to follow and apply the sequence of the operations very well.

The meat around the nail should be carefully removed. During the application, it should definitely not touch that area.

Another feature of permanent nail polish that should be noted is that it should be applied in slightly thinner layers than normal nail polishes. The tip of the nail should also be closed. Thus, the nail does not breathe and the nail polish does not deteriorate for a long time.

How long can I use nail polish?
Generally, the permanence period of the nail polish applied varies between 10-15 days. The life of nail polish applied to the feet is slightly longer.

How Much Are Permanent Nail Polish Prices?
Permanent nail polish prices in our salon; hand is 120₺, foot is 170₺. (Manicure-Pedicure is included.) For ongoing campaigns and opportunities, you can call us and get information and appointments.

Which Colors and Patterns Should Be Preferred for Permanent Nail Polish?
There are many color and pattern options you can choose for permanent nail polish. Which color nail polish will be applied is decided according to your wishes. Today, the trend is patterned nail polishes, but they are preferred in various design nail polishes.

One of the more preferred permanent nail polish applications is “French” nail polish, as it can be used in harmony with almost any outfit.

What should be done to make it more durable?
In order for permanent nail polish to be durable, there are some important points that the application specialist should pay attention to. An application made with care can show durability for a very long time.

The points that the person applying nail polish should also pay attention to;

When hands stay in hot water for a long time, there may be a possibility of deterioration of the nail polish. Some women like to play with their nails, they try to remove the nail polish. These should be avoided.

Getting air from a tiny place is enough for the entire nail polish to deteriorate. Therefore, it should not play with nails.

Even if the nail grows, it should not be filed. A nail that has been filed will not have nail polish on it as it will take air from its tip. That’s why we need to be careful with our hands.

Is There Any Damage To The Nail?
Nails may become airless if applications are made consecutively for long periods of time. We recommend that you leave your nail blank from time to time and rest it.

As with any type of nail polish, if you use it for a long time, the nails may turn yellow. It prevents nails from breaking. However, we recommend that you do not make long applications one after the other.

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